Conte A Paris Charcoal Pencils

The Conté Charcoal pencil gives a clean, dense finish of intense black. This pencil blends perfectly with the iron red and sepia pencils and allows you to produce more accurate and carefully drawn lines than traditional charcoal it also does not dirty your hands.

To order any of the Conte Charcoal Pencils simply put the number of each graduation you require in the Quantity box next to it then click on the "Add to basket" button and all the grades you've chosen will be added to your basket in one go, simple as that!

Please note: Any pencil marked as temporarily out of stock can still be back-ordered and will be sent on when new stock arrives postage free.

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Quantity Quantity Quantity

Conte Charcoal Pencil - 2B
Conte 728 Charcoal Pencil 2B

Conte Charcoal Pencil - B
Conte 728 Charcoal Pencil B 

Conte Charcoal Pencil - HB
Conte 728 Charcoal Pencil HB


Conte Charcoal Pencil - H
Conte 728 Charcoal Pencil H