Kum Pencil Sharpeners

Kum 218 Color Combi Sharpener
The perfect sharpener to sharpen your colour and graphite pencils.  With 2 holes - one for putting a sharp point on your standard pencils and the other puts a blunt, rounded end on your colour pencils.
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Kum Correc Stick

A pencil shaped eraser which is really comfortable to hold.  It sits nicely in the hand with the ergonomic grip zone and has a pointed end for fine erasing and a round end for broader erasing.

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Kum 425E 2 holed sharpener

A magnesium alloy pencil sharpener for 8mm and 10mm pencils, with all the precision engineering we expect from Kum.  Comes with 2 spare blades.

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Kum Ellipse Ice Single Holed Pencil Sharpener
A single holed metal sharpener in an unbreakable ellipse shaped barrel.  Comfortable to hold with the usual brilliant sharpener engineering from our friends at Kum.

For all standard pencils.  Integral container to collect shavings.
Kum Automatic Long Point Pencil Sharpener and Lead Sharpener
This fantastic sharpener from German based Kum first shapes the wood first (there is an automatic stop so you can't go too far) and then the lead (with the same automatic stop), giving you an extra long point.

In the same sharpener is a lead pointer for 2mm and 3.15mm leads.
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Kum Correc Brick

The Kum Correc Brick is a high quality eraser which leaves no smear marks.

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Kum Calypso Eraser / Sharpener
The Kum Calypso is that most useful of things - a sharpener and an eraser all in one! With a standard sharpener in the middle it is surrounded by an eraser.  Why carry two items when you can carry a Kum Calypso?
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Kum Wood Cutter Double Hole Wooden Sharpener
An attractive wooden double holed sharpener, for standard and larger pencils.

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Kum Sharpener for Graphite Crayons
A handy sharpener created specially for the Lyra Graphite Crayons, Lyra Profi Marking crayons and any other 12mm diameter crayons.
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