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Margaret Russell 12 Sep 2017
    like the new design website - well done all and the service will be just as excellent as always.
Miriam Miranda 7 Sep 2017
    Thank you Alan Emilie and the elves for the
excellent service and speedy delivery. Looking forward to ordering many more pencils soon. Another happy customer.
Stella Sinclair 5 Sep 2017
    Have used my other Faber Castell propelling pencil for nearly 15 (?) years and it finally gave up the ghost. All my family have received them as gifts over the years. Now, the pencil elves have delivered a new one with speed and efficiency! Have used it already. Excellent service. Thank you.
Miriam Miranda 25 Aug 2017
    Great and fantastic service! Items arrived in good time and in excellent condition.Thank you elves =) Keep up the good work xx
Philippa Dozin 24 Aug 2017
    I am so happy I finally found a place to buy my coloured pencils at very reasonable prices. Great customer service too. Keep up the great work.
Caroline Barnett 15 Jun 2017
    I would not recommend using turps etc to oil pastels , baby oil has been suggested as " not harmfull " CB