Unison Colour Empty Boxes

  • Black presentation boxes for keeping Unison Pastels
  • Smart, hard wearing exteriors
  • Foam filled interior with slots to fit Unison Pastels perfectly
  • 4 sizes available
Empty Box for Unison Pastels - 8
An extremely handy little empty box from Unison which will keep 8 pastels safe and snug in a sponge template.

Will fit 8 Unison Pastels
Our price £ 3.99
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Empty Box for Unison Pastels - 18
For the safekeeping of your beautiful Unison Pastels this sturdy box cannot be beaten. With a sponge template and covering it ensures that up to 18 pastels can be easily and safely stored and transported.

Will fit 18 Unison Pastels
Our price £ 5.99
In Stock