Bespoke Sets for Art Teachers

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Do you teach an art class? Want to do a pencil workshop?

Here at Pencils4Artists we have a huge amount of individual pencils in different ranges by many of the world's leading manufacturers. Whatever you’re planning to teach we can create bespoke pencil sets which are perfect for you and your students needs.

Our friendly and knowledgable staff will work closely with you to tailor a unique collection which can include any colour or range from our extensive stocklist.

Everyone loves to accessorize these days and P4A are no different. If you wish to include sharpeners, erasers, pencil cases, wraps etc in the set it is no problem.

Once you are happy with the set we will work out a price point which is extremely beneficial to you and your class. The price will be based on content, estimated amount of sales and postage.  We promise that your set will always cost less than the constituent parts would to buy individually.

Alternatively, if you have a maximum spend budget, we will help you devise the best possible set for your classes needs within that cost.

When the contents and the price are agreed we will put the set up for sale, as a unique item, on our Pencils4Artists website. It will be called after either your name or the name of the class you run. From thereafter you can direct your students to the pencils4artists website where they can purchase the set safely, securely and with the certain knowledge that they will be buying the exact items they will need to complete your course at an excellent discount price.

What could be more simple than that?

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Don't take our word for it!  Here is a lovely message from one of our Art Teachers -

"As a professional artist and teacher I have always found pencils4artists an extremely efficient and pleasant company to do business with. I run a number of workshops in coloured pencils and many of my students were looking to purchase the Faber Castell Polychromos pencils that I favour. Pencils4artists were able to put together a set of 40 pencils in the colours that I recommend and sell them at a very competitive price as the "David Lewry Set". This made it very easy for my students to order a reasonable size set that contained all the colours they would need on my workshops. Also, for my graphite pencil classes I was able to recommend a special set of the Caran d'Ache Grafwood pencils that my students could just phone up and order. Thoroughly recommend pencils4artists to students and teachers alike."

David Lewry