Using Sandpaper Blocks - Pencils4Artists


Derwent Sandpaper Block
Sandpaper Blocks are one of the most useful and versatile tools you will have in your pencil case.

  • Sharpen your soft pencils such as pastel pencils to a perfect point
  • Change the angle of the point of your pencil or pastel  the same way
  • Use a sandpaper block to create a speckled effect with watersoluible media by scribbling onto the sandpaper with a pencil and tapping the resulting pencil ‘dust' from the sandpaper block onto a wetted area on your paper
  • The same technique works very well when using Derwent Inktense Pencil or Blocks on fabric.  Tap the dust onto wetted fabris and watch the pigment disperse.
  • Clean and repoint your tortillon or paper stump by sanding it clean
  • When the sheet becomes too worn or dirty to use simply tear away the top sheet to reveal a clean one underneath!