Using Waterbrushes & Spritzers - Pencils4Artists


Pentel Waterbrush
The Pentel Aquash Waterbrush houses water in the barrel of the brush which is supplied to the fibre tip via a valve.
To use apply light pressure on the barrel to control water flow.   Use the waterbrush on lines or shaded areas created with watersoluble graphite or colour pencils to create wash effects of different intensity depending on the amount of water and the strength of the lines.  Vary the amount of detail and control by choosing from the different tip widths.
To clean the waterbrush simply squeeze clean water through the brush.
Derwent Spritzer
The Derwent Spritzer allows you to spray water directly over water-soluble drawings to create interesting textures, colour runs and dribble effects.
Alternatively create colour washes by dissolving colour pigment in the Derwent Grate ‘n' Shake (Inktense Blcoks & Pencils or Watercolour Pencils for example) fill the Spritzer or Waterbrush and spray or brush colour straight onto your image. Many artists will also spray water lightly over paintings to maintain a wet workable area.