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Why Use Watersouble Graphite?
Water-soluble graphite pencils and sticks have the same characteristics that you would expect from any graphite pencil. But when you add water to your sketch with a brush or finger the lines gently dissolve and soften giving your sketch subtle tones and hues unachievable with ordinary graphite. The perfect products for wash drawings or to create interesting, subtle effects.
  • As with other water-soluble media apply small amounts of water to your sketch with a fine brush or your finger tip.
  • The page must be dry before you start to add more pencil or it may buckle or tear.
  • Apply to already wet paper to create soft, dispersed effects.
As well as standard water-soluble graphite pencils from Derwent and Caran D'ache (Technalo range) we offer sticks of pure water-soluble graphite from Derwent's Graphitone range as well as the fantastic Lyra Graphite Crayons - chunky sticks of graphite that are perfect for large area shading while having a point to add detail - which have a water-soluble version too.