Using Drawing Tools & Colour Shapers - Pencils4Artists


Derwent Empbossing Tools
An embossing tool is ideal for botanical and animal studies as it can be used to create effects with fur, grass, detail in leaves and petals and so on.
You use an embossing tool before drawing to score the paper lightly then, when colour is applied over the top the white shows through to show detail. Usually embossing tips are slightly rounded so the paper is not torn or damaged when the tool is being used to impress the fine detail
Caran D'Ache Scraper
Scrapers are very useful tools when using any wax or oil based media i.e. Derwent Artbar, Caran D'Ache Neocolor and Neocolor II Wax Pastels, Oil Pastels and so on.  Most scrapers have different edges such as curves or zig zags, as well as a variety of points, which will enable you to scrape away the colour to reveal colours underneath or the paper and thus create different effects.
Colour Shaper

Colour Shapers
are almost like rubber tipped paintbrushes which have numerous uses in art (moving colour around, applying masking fluid etc).  They are especially good for smudging and blending pastels, charcoal, graphite and any soft media as they are easy to clean and you can control them with pinpoint accuracy.
Available with lots of different tip sizes and shapes they are becoming invaluble tools for all artists.
French Curves Set

French Curves
- Come in a variety of shapes giving numerous different curved edges.  For drawing perfect curves every time
Eraser Shield

Eraser Shields
have small holes through which you can erase while protecting the drawing.  Gives accuracy and variety to your erasing.