Faber Castell Albrecht Durer Pencils Faber Castell Albrecht Durer Pencils
  • Named for German artist Albrecht Durer who specialised in botanical, wildlife and landscape watercolor paintings
  • Colour matched to all other Faber Castell ranges - this is great if you want to use several different types of pencil in a single sketch but you want to ensure colour matches.
  • Watersoluble pencils, simply add some water to your sketch with a paintbrush or draw directly onto wet paper to achieve many different effects.
  • Waterproof when dry enabling you to overwork your picture.
  • Because they can be blended when wet the initial 120 colours can be transformed into many more hues and tints.
  • 3.8mm lead with a hexagonal, comfortable barrel
  • lead is SV bonded (securely gluing the lead to the wood on both sides down the full length of the pencil) this helps prevent breakage and allows for better sharpening to produce a fine point.
  • High quality pigments with high levels of lightfastness across the whole range
Top Tips from Faber Castell
  • Running and dissolving with water: Paint over a coloured surface on the paper with a damp brush. The more often the surface is painted over, the more the strokes will dissolve.
  • Dissolving the color with a spray bottle: Spraying the coloured surface with water from a spray bottle will make the colours especially intense and cause them to merge into interesting transitions, based on the structure of the paper. (see our accessories section for the Derwent Spritzer spray bottle)
  • Drawing on wet paper: The artists' watercolour pencils release a great deal of pigment when used on dampened paper. The pencil tips become very soft and glide smoothly across the paper.