Derwent Pastel Blocks

Derwent Pastel Blocks are semi-hard, smooth and silky. They come in 36 bold colours and offer effortless colour transfer. With a colourless blending white, to enable blending of colours without affecting their density, Derwent Pastel Blocks are a great pastel range for all levels of artistic endeavour


Derwent Pastel Blocks
RRP £1.42
Our Price £1.16

This range is now discontinued by the supplier and once what we have left is gone it is gone!

Quantity Quantity Quantity
Derwent Pastel Block - P500 Ionian Green P500 Ionian Green
Derwent Pastel Block - P100 Spectrum Orange P100 Spectrum Orange 
Derwent Pastel Block - P650 French Grey Dark P650 French Grey Dark