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Nitram Charcoal Sharpening Block with 2 spare pads

The Nitram Sanding Block is absolutely ideal for quick and easypointing or shaping of charcoal. At 8cm wide and 23 cm long it is bigger thanother sandpaper blocks and has a larger handle for stability and ease ofuse. You can achieve the exact shape youwant quickly and therefore with less waste.

(-10.69%) £12.95
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Staedtler Set of 4 Water Brushes
A set of 4 water brushes with round fine, round medium, round broad and chisel tip
(-24.52%) £12.99
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Mobius & Ruppert Battery Operated Pencil Sharpener
This brilliant but compact battery sharpener is made to be robust and reliable. It can handle any graphite or colour pencil up to 8mm diameter. The precision engineered metal blade ensure smooth and even sharpening time after time and is housed in an elegant black plastic case. There is a transparent, removable front for easy emptying.

Requires two AA batteries which are not included.

(-12.80%) £11.99
Derwent Battery Operated Twin Hole Sharpener

This brilliant little piece of kit has a number of impressive design features all packed into a compact size not much bigger than a conventional tub sharpener. The two holes can handle any size barrel from 6mm to 12mm ensuring perfect and speedy sharpening for graphite or colour cores. 

(-22.23%) £13.99
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Derwent Super Point Manual Helical Sharpener

Derwent have taken the best features from self cranking sharpeners and put them all into its machine. Capable of taking pencils up to 7mm-9mm diameter (which covers all of Derwent's pencils and most other brands), the sharpener has an adjustable front plate and self-feeding mechanism, meaning it will always sharpen to your exact requirements. 

The helical blade is extremely durable and sharpens to a super fine point for finedetailing. The sharpener also has a transparent and removable reservoir forease of emptying and comes with a desk clamp.

(-17.86%) £22.99
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Jakar 5160 Desk Top Crank Sharpener
This excellent, hefty desktop sharpener has a feel that belies it's price tag!  Taking pencils from 7-11.6mm diameter with an adjustable pencil point from 0.5-4.8mm.  Comes complete with desk clamp.

(-15.63%) £26.99
Mobius & Ruppert Crank Sharpener - Red

Whatever the setting, the M&R Crank Sharpener is the everyday hero when it comes to easy, precise, sharpening. 

Rubber claws grip the pencil securely for excellent and reliable sharpening without damage to the barrel. The position can be adjusted for long or short cone points, meaning both graphite and colour pencils can be handled equally, and an auto stop keeps the core from being over-sharpened and breaking.

The sharpener is made with solid plastic with a transparent shavings tub.

Colour is RED

(-13.65%) £15.50
Derwent Super Point Mini Manual Helical Sharpener

The extremely durable helical blade of the Super Point Mini means that all cores can be sharpened to a extremely fine point quickly and easily. An extendable front plate and self feeding mechanism ensures perfect sharpening every time. The hole can take barrel sizes from 7mm-9mm which covers all Derwent pencils. 

(-21.21%) £15.75
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Faber Castell Clic & Go Water pot or pencil holder
This brilliant little foldable water pot is ideal for artists on the go!  Use it for water, or to collect pencil shavings or to keep your pencils tidy.  When not in use it folds down to under 4cm depth (folds out to 8cm depth). 

(-10.86%) £3.20
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Faber Castell Dusting Brush
Avoid contact with dirty or oily hands and your picture with this dusting brush from Faber Castell.

(-16.68%) £9.99
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Derwent Scale Divider
This great Scale Divider from Derwent enables you to accurately transform the scale of your image from 4:1 to 1:4.  Perfect for getting perspective right.

(-17.76%) £6.99
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Derwent Pencil Extenders – Pack of 2 mixed Size
This excellent pack of 2 pencil extenders from Derwent means you can use your pencils right down to the stump.  A smaller one for standard pencils (most graphite pencils and some brands of colour pencils) and a slightly larger ones for pencils such as Coloursoft or Artists which have a wider barrel.

(-17.76%) £6.99
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Derwent Battery Eraser
Designed to be held like a pencil so you can erase with ease and accuracy.  Perfect for right or left handed artists. 
Comes complete with 8 refills.

(-20.50%) £7.95
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Tombow Mono Zero Precision Eraser - Slim
Incredibly precise erasing in a neat, slim barrel. Short turning mechanism with a metal guide with an ultra fine 2.3mm round eraser.  PVC and latex free
(-22.45%) £4.25
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Tombow Mono Zero Precision Eraser - Broad
Incredibly precise erasing in a neat, slim barrel. Short turning mechanism with a metal guide with a versatile 2.5 x 5mm oblong eraser.

PVC and latex free

(-22.45%) £4.25
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Tombow Mono Zero Precision Eraser Broad - Metal Barrel
Incredibly precise erasing in a neat, slim barrel. Short turning mechanism with a metal guide with a versatile 2.5 x 5mm oblong eraser.

PVC and latex free

Here in a beautiful metal barrel.

(-22.45%) £4.25
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Derwent Carry All
The Derwent Canvas Carry-All is called by Derwent the ultimate pencil storage solution! And here at pencils4artists we think it is pretty great.

We have never seen a case this good designed just for pencils!

(-21.46%) £21.99
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Derwent 2 Layer Pencil Tin
The Derwent 2 Layer Pencil Tin does pretty much what it says on the tin (no pun intended!), this double layer pencil tin will keep your collection neat. With a removeable inner tray and hinged lid this tin will fit neatly into your bag when you are out and about.

(-21.78%) £6.25
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Pentel Artists' Water Brush - Trio Pack
The Pentel Artists Waterbrush houses water in the barrel of the brush which is supplied to the fibre tip via a valve, giving you total control over water or colour wash application.
Handy pack of all three sizes, 1 fine, 1 medium & 1 large aquash brush.

(-21.05%) £16.99
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Derwent Artists' Water Brush - Multi Pack
Derwent Waterbrushes are portable and leak proof, control waterflow by adding slight pressure to the barrel.

Handy pack of all three sizes, 1 medium, 1 small and 1 chisel tip.

(-32.12%) £10.99
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Cretacolor Artists Blending Set for Pastels, Charcoal & Graphite
For blending and shading of pastels, charcoal and graphite.
Click here for contents of the Cretacolor Drawing Tools set

(-14.52%) £13.25
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Derwent Blender Pen - Pack of 2 mixed sizes
Designed specifically for use with pencils these pens will smooth and blend lines to create even colour laydown.  Effective with graphite or colour pencil. 

2 nib sizes - a fine nib for detail and a broader nib for larger areas
(-20.68%) £3.95
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Pentel GraphGear Automatic Pencil

One of the nicest propelling pencils around, a touch of luxury for a modest outlay!

The GraphGear 1000 features - a sliding sleeve to extend and retract the leads (with a very pleasing action when you click the top release lever!), a lead grade indicator for those of us that can't remember what grade is in what pencil, a comfortable grip area and an eraser inside the smart metal cap.

With a pleasant, weighty feel in the hand this lovely mechanical pencil is a must if you fancy a treat for yourself or a great gift for someone else.

Comes loaded with 2 Super High-Polymer HB refill leads

(-27.70%) £16.99
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