Kum Lefty Products - for left handed people

  • A range of left handed products
  • Easy to use left handed sharpeners
  • Pencil grips for left handers, prevent pain and help with gripping problems
Kum Micro Two-In-One Lefty Sharpener
This great double holed sharpener is made especially for left handed people. Will sharpen standard pencils as well as larger gauge pencils.

The sharpener is made of milled magnesium alloy with a plastic container for catching the shavings.
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Kum Flexi – 15cm Lefty Ruler

As the name suggests, this handy 15cm ruler is designed specifically for left handed use. 

Please note price is for a single ruler


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Kum Correc Stick

A pencil shaped eraser which is really comfortable to hold.  It sits nicely in the hand with the ergonomic grip zone and has a pointed end for fine erasing and a round end for broader erasing.

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