Koh I Noor 1500/1860 Graphite Range - Singles

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Koh I Noor 1500/1860 Graphite Range - Singles
A strong and durable graphite pencil, the  Koh I Noor 1500 / 1680 range are lightfast and have a high opacity. They are ideal for all types of sketching and drawing.

Here we offer the range of Koh I Noor 1500 graphite range as singles.

Please note that in the UK the distributors of Koh I Nor are swapping the 1500 graphite range for the 1860 graphite range. These are identical cores to the 1500 but have a silver livery as opposed to yellow. As these pencils are supplied to us we will send them out so you may have a mix of silver and yellow livery in your order.

Currently the silver livery is on the 2B, 3B and 6B