Derwent Artbar

Derwent Artbar
are solid wax based bars of highly pigmented colour with a beautiful creamy consistency and a rich, opaque colour. Artbars are completely water-soluble and can be used on wet or dry surfaces for numerous different finishes.

You can build up heavy marks and depth to your drawing really quickly using several layers and the pigment is speedily deposited onto the page due to the consistency of the bars. Derwent Artbar are triangular in shape you have different corners and edges to use to create all sorts of exciting new marks.

Blending and layering couldn't be easier - all you need to do is warm the pigment with your breath and you can gently blend the colours with your finger!
  • Triangular shaped to give lots of different marks
  • Rich, vibrant colours
  • Use wet or dry on wet or dry paper for numerous effects
  • Warm the pigment with a little breath to blend and layer
The full range of Derwent Artbars available individually
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Derwent Artbar - Single Bars
Derwent Spritzer - Single
This is a brilliant water applicator for any watersoluble pencils or crayons. Spray a fine mist from a distance to dampen large areas or get really close to add water to detailed areas without the need for a brush.
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