Boasting 60 years making top quality art pencils, Dutch company Bruynzeel Sakura offer a great range of pencils for all artists. The combination of the two seperate brands Dutch Bruynzeel and Japanese Sakura in 1997 gives them a wide appeal that crosses the generations.

The Bruynzeel Design range meets all the high requirements expected from pencils designed for professionals. A subtle sense of colour, good colour transfer, fine texture and excellent mixing qualities coordinated with a great range of colours and hardnesses. High quality pencils that have formed the basis of their manufacturing for decades. Not widely available in the UK we offer all our ranges as singles as well as the beautifully packaged Bruynzeel boxes.



Bruynzeel Design - Colour Pencils

Bruynzeel Design  - Colour PencilsBruynzeel Design - Colour Pencils offers a great range of coloured pencils made from the highest quality pigments. The colours transfer well and they are perfect for applying several layers of colour on top of each other.

Bruynzeel Design - Graphite Pencils

Bruynzeel Design - Graphite PencilsBruynzeel Design - Graphite Pencils are made for use in art, design, sketching and illustration work as well as technical drawing. Excellent transference and available in 12 grades to suit everyone.