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Royal Sovereign Colour Shapers - singlesPlease note that due to problems with manufacturing some colour shapers at the moment we do not have all of them in stock and cannot get them quickly.  If you would like to email us with your requirements we can let you know what is readily available.

Colour Shapers are a unique tipped tool used for pastel blending as well as removing paint or applying masking fluid.
The ivory tip is softer and more  suited to blending pencil, pastel & charcoal while the grey tip 
is firmer and is for heavier body paints, glue, batik wax.  

For masking fluid application we recommend the grey tipped, size 2, taper point colour shaper

Taper Point 
Blend charcoal and pastel.
Create linear strokes and make broad forceful marks.

Flat Chisel
Create flat even strokes of colour

Angle Chisel

Create expressive strokes.
Work from thick to thin and make precise marks.

Cup Chisel

Adjust contours and edges.

Cup Round
Create soft edges and blend pastel and charcoal.