Pilot Pens

Another Japanese Pen manufacturer, Pilot Pens offers a wide range of top quality writing instruments. We have chosen a growing range of the more pencil and art based products from Pilot including the fabulous Croquis Pencil and their waterproof Drawing Pens.

Pilot ENO Pencil Leads

Pilot ENO Pencil Leads

Pilot ENO Pencil Leads are extra strong and last longer than most other leads thanks to their clever polymer bonding technology.  Available in sizes 0.3mm, 0.5mm, 0.7mm and 0.9mm in grades from 4B - 4H.

Pilot ENO Leads will fit any brand of propelling pencil of the appropriate size.

Pilot Croquis Sketching Pencil

Pilot Croquis Sketching PencilThe Pilot Croquis is a twist action propelling pencil with a plastic barrel which has a broad, comfortable grip.   With 3.8mm thick leads available in three grades it is one of the nicest propelling lead pencils around.  Refills are available here too! 

Pilot Drawing Pens

Pilot Drawing Pens
The Pilot Drawing Pens are a favourite for sketchers and watercolourists alike. They have water and light resistant pigment ink and comes in several tip sizes to suit all types of art. 

Pilot Paint Markers

Pilot Paint Markers Pilot Paint Markers are basically gloss paint in a pen!  Marking just about any non absorbent surface it is waterproof, permanent and quick drying.  With many industrial applications.