Japanese manufacturers Pentel have been making pens and pencils since the 1940s. Their high quality pens have been joined by a great range of art based products such as their oil pastels, waterbrushes and lovely brush pens.

Pentel Automatic Pencils

Pentel Automatic PencilsPentel are well known for their high quality automatic pencils (otherwise called propelling pencils or mechanical pencils). From the utility Pentel A300 series to the lovely Graphgear 1000 pencil there is a pencil to suit every need and every budget.

Pentel Lead Refills for Automatic Pencils

Pentel Lead Refills for Automatic PencilsPentel have a long pedigree in developing excellent quality refill leads for automatic or propelling pencils.  Choose from the Pentel Super Hi-Polymer leads, long the UKs favourite leads - or the newer Pentel Ain Stein leads which use a ceramic finish to make them harder wearing and longer lasting.

Pentel Artists' Water Brushes

Pentel Artists' Water BrushesThe Pentel Artists' Water Brushes have a  barrel that houses water or colour washes which is supplied to the fibre brush via a valve. The flow of water is controlled by slight pressure on the barrel when the brush meets the paper. To clean simply apply pressure to the barrel and the dirty water will work it's way through the brush.
They come in three brush widths to suit everyone.

Pentel Oriental Brush Pens

Pentel Oriental Brush PensThe Pentel Oriental Brush Pen is a classic black brush pen, ideal for design, oriental artwork, cartoons and calligraphy.  Hard wearing synthetic bristles, fade resistant, waterproof pigment ink.  Refills also available here.