Lyra Profi 797 Marking Crayons

  • Brilliantly versatile the Lyra Profi 797 Crayons mark just about anything!
  • Use on wood - wet or dry
  • Marks concrete & stone as well as timber
  • Can also be used on hot or cold metal

Buy Lyra Profi 797 Lumber crayons here

85p each or £8.40 for 12 of the same colour
Lyra Profi 797 crayons
Lyra Profi 797 Lumber Crayon - singles
85p each or £8.40 for a box of 12 of the same colour.
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Kum Sharpener for Graphite Crayons
A handy sharpener created specially for the Lyra Graphite Crayons, Lyra Profi Marking crayons and any other 12mm diameter crayons.
Our price £ 2.25
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Lyra Crayon Holder 4762210
A holder for the Lyra Graphite and Watersoluble Graphite Crayons, or Lyra Profi Markng Crayon (and any crayons of 12mm) that will stop you getting so messy and allow you to use your crayons right to the stump!

Our price £ 12.95
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