Lyra Graphite Pencils

  • 3 Ranges of graphite pencils
  • Artists' quality pencils
  • 17 Grades of graphite pencil and 5 grades of graphite stick available
  • Flat graphite pencils, ideal for calligraphy or shading larger areas
The full range of these high quality artists' graphite pencils from Lyra including the versatile Lyra Rembrandt Art Design Pencil range, the solid graphite of Lyra Titan Graphite Sticks and the flat Lyra 874 Sketching Pencils. These pencils are ideal for all art, sketching and designing.
Lyra Graphite Pencils Ranges - singles
Lyra Graphite Set of 11  - L2041111
This excellent little tin has an assortment of pencils and accessories from across the graphite ranges.

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Lyra Art Design Graphite Pencils Tin of 12 -  L2041120
A metal tin with 12 of the Lyra Art Design Graphite pencils.
6B, 5B, 4B, 3B, 2B, B, HB, F, H, 2H, 3H, 4H

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Lyra Rembrandt 669 Art Design Graphite Pencils - singles
The Lyra Rembrandt Art Design graphite pencil comes in 17 degrees of hardness to ensure you have the right pencil for the job!

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Lyra Rembrandt Carpenter Sketching Pencil - singles
Shaped like a traditional Carpenter's pencil the Lyra Rembrandt Carpenter Sketching pencil is flat which is ideal for shading larger areas or for use in calligraphy.  Usually sharpened with a knife this pencil is water resistant.

Comes in 2 grades L2038104 - 4B and L2038106 - 6B

Formerly known as the 874 sketching pencil.

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Lyra Rembrandt Watersoluble Graphite - singles

Lyra Rembrandt Watersoluble graphite Pencils are high quality graphite pencils which will dissolve to form lots of different effects when you add a little water with brush, spritzer or finger.

Click here for more on using watersoluble graphite

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Lyra Titan Woodless Pencil - singles
Lyra Titan Pencils are solid sticks of graphite lacquered on the outside to prevent too much mess!  These can be sharpened like an ordinary pencil for detailed work or broken up and used flat for larger shaded areas.  Because they are solid graphite the Titan are much more economical than standard pencils.

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