Lyra Ferby & Super Ferby Graphite Pencils

Lyra Super Ferby and Ferby graphite pencils are triangular barreled pencils with thick, rich cores of lovely soft graphite.  They are wonderful for creating soft, expressive sketches as well as for use to shade larger areas.  The ergonomic design of the barrel make them idea for smallerhands or for people with gripping issues.
  • Long (Super Ferby) & short (Ferby) versions available
  • Soft graphite 6.2mm broad graphite core which gives a rich, dense black line
  • Triangular, ergonomically designed shape for ease of gripping
  • Ideal for large area shading as well as more detailed work
The Lyra Ferby & Super Ferby Graphite Pencils available individually.
Super Ferby £1.25 each
Ferby 80p each
Lyra Wood Pencil Lengthener for Ferby, Super Ferby & Color Giants
Use your Lyra Ferby, Super Ferby or Color Giant pencils right down to the stump!
RRP £3.67
Our price £ 3.10
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