Lyra Ferby & Super Ferby Graphite Pencils

The Lyra Ferby Graphite Pencils and Super Ferby Graphite pencils are wonderful for sketching and drawing.  With their triangular, ergonomically designed shape they are easy to grip.  With a lovely soft, 6.2mm broad graphite core they produce a soft, deep black line and are great for large area shading as well as more pointed detailed work.

Lyra Ferby Graphite Pencils - singles
Single Lyra Ferby Graphite pencils

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Lyra Twin Hole Tub Sharpener for Ferby & Color Giants
A double hole sharpener with one hole the perfect fit for your 11mm pencils (including the Lyra Color Giant, Lyra Ferby & Lyra Super Ferby) and one for standard 8mm pencils.
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Lyra Wood Pencil Lengthener for Ferby, Super Ferby & Color Giants
Use your Lyra Ferby, Super Ferby or Color Giant pencils right down to the stump!

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