Cretacolor Monolith Graphite Sticks

  • Sticks of pure graphite
  • Available in 5 soft grades
  • Outside laquered to minimize mess
  • Sharpen as you woulkd an ordinary pencil
The full range of Monolith Graphite Sticks available singly 
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Cretacolor monolith Graphite Sticks - singles
Cretacolor Monolith Graphite Pocket Tin of 6 + Eraser
The perfect pocket sketching tin of the Cretacolor monolith graphite pencils. Each is a stick of pure graphite with a thin laquer coating.

Contains 1 of each of
HB, 2B, 4B, 6B, 8B & 9B
+ a monolith eraser

RRP £11.95

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