Cretacolor 5.6mm Leads & Accessories

  • 5.6mm diameter leads
  • Range includes sanguines & sepias as well as graphite and black & white pastel
  • Lead holders available
  • Ideal for all forms of sketching and drawing
The full range of Cretacolor 5.6mm sketching leads available individually
RRP £1.15
Our price 99p
Cretacolor Sketching Leads Singles
Cretacolor box mixed 5.6mm leads (6)
A small box containing 6 artist's leads -

White Pastel, Sanguine Oil, Sepia Light, Sepia Dark, Graphite 4B, Charcoal

RRP £6.50
Our price £ 5.50
In Stock
Cretacolor 5.6mm Lead Holder - Natural Wood
A holder for making working with 5.6mm leads cleaner and easier, while also protecting the leads.
Comes complete with a 2B Graphite lead

RRP £10.50
Our price £ 9.50
In Stock
Cretacolor Ergonomic Plastic Lead Holder with Sharpener for 5.6mm leads 430 15
The ergonomically shaped 5.6mm lead holder with a useful lead sharpener at the other end. Comes complete with a 2B Graphite lead
RRP £13.50

Our price £ 11.75
In Stock
Cretacolor Lead & Pastel Sharpening Board
12 sheets of sharpening board for easy shaping of leads and pastels.

RRP £3.35

Our price £ 2.90
In Stock