Conté ŕ Paris

Conté a Paris have been manufacturing some of the finest artists' materials available for more than 200 years. Many artists and grand masters have used Conté ŕ Paris products because of the selection of pigments, lightfastness, and the exceptional brightness and purity of the colours. In fact some of the world's greatest artists, including Picasso, Delacroix, and Degas, have created world famous drawings with Conté Crayons.

Why not try the world famous Conte Carres Crayons, oilier than pastel but more blendable than pencil or the beautiful, rich coloured Conte Pastel Pencils.  We also have the whole range of the ever popular Conte sketching pencils in all shades of sanguines and sepias as well as the blacker than black Conte Pierre Noir and Conte Carbon pencils.

Conté ŕ Paris Sketching Pencils

Conté à Paris Sketching PencilsConte offers a traditional range of Drawing and Sketching Pencils with a variety of exceptional leads. These pencils are excellent for portrait, landscape and still life work. The Conté Pencils compliment the Conté Crayon perfectly and blend well with them.

Conté ŕ Paris Pastel Pencils

Conté à Paris Pastel Pencils

The large diameter of the Conté ŕ Paris Pastel Pencil lead (5mm) gives genuine freedom of creation. With a range of 48 bright colours these pencils should be used as pure colours laid out in a patchwork fashion, side by side, rather than added in successive layers so as not to dull the shades.

Conté ŕ Paris Carres Crayons

Conté à Paris Carres Crayons

Conté ŕ Paris Carres Crayons are incredibly popular with artists of all kindsThey have a 6x6mm cross-section and offer a range of 84 colours, 14 tones of which are specifically designed for sketching.